Thursday, December 16, 2010

There isn't a Porkulie that Stabenow or Levin could pass up

Senator Tom Coburn (R) Oklahoma posted the 'earmarks' here.  I wanted to see just how many earmarks our two Senators from Michigan are responsible for. 136 total combined amounting to $281,128,000.  That is over one quarter of a billion dollars for my two Senators alone.

Some of my Favorites:
  • $4,375,000           Innovation Station, East Lansing, MI 
  • $1,300,000           Rivers Edge Roadway Infrastructure and Street-scape Initiative, MI
  • $24,803,000         Reading is Fundamental authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • $25,646,000         National Writing Project for activities authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

These are only 4 of the 136 earmarks I found.  You can scroll the document below for additional Pork that is being thrown into this Omnibus Bill.  When this nation is broke, do we really need a National Reading Project when our own Senators and Congressmen can't be bothered to read the crap they are passing?

UPDATE 1:  A friend has pointed me to this database that highlights with an interactive previous Porkulus Spending.  Between this bill and previous earmarks for FY2011, $7.5 Billion has been or will be earmarked by our Michigan Senators.

UPDATE 2:   Senator Levin was quoted by CNS News:

Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) also said he was currently trying to read through the bill and would be working to read through the entire measure before it comes up for a vote.
“I’m going to read as much of it as I possibly can,” Levin said. “If I’m lucky, I’ll read all of it, if I have enough time. And I’m working hard to get the time because it’s important that we read these bills.”

UPDATE 3:  Senate Dem leader drops nearly $1.3T spending bill.  Posted at A/P reports:
WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats controlling the Senate have abandoned a 1,924-page catchall spending measure that's laced with homestate pet projects known as earmarks and that would have provided another $158 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nevada Democrat Harry Reid gave up on the nearly $1.3 trillion bill after several Republicans who had been thinking of voting for the bill pulled back their support. 
This is Great News.

Stabenow Levin Pork

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